Diablo 4’s Barbarian to Receive Early-Game Buffs Based on Beta Feedback

Diablo 4's Barbarian to Receive Early-Game Buffs Based on Beta Feedback

The Barbarian class in Diablo IV will be receiving some early-game buffs based on feedback gathered from the game’s early access beta weekend.

Many players noticed the Barbarian’s struggle during the early levels of Diablo IV’s early access beta weekend, while other classes like the Rogue and Sorcerer had little difficulty taking down hordes of enemies and bosses. Blizzard has acknowledged the feedback and plans to make changes to the Barbarian class for the game’s full release, which is promising news for players who enjoy close combat with the armies of hell.

Game director Joe Shely, in an interview with GamesRadar, acknowledged that the Barbarian’s strength lies in higher levels, thanks to its ability to equip more items than any other class, giving it higher overall stats and more legendary powers. However, Shely also acknowledged that Blizzard is aware of the Barbarian’s struggles at lower levels and wants to address the issue.

Shely emphasized that Blizzard wants to balance the Barbarian class so that players don’t feel weak in the early stages of the game, while also ensuring that they remain powerful in the end game. He noted that it’s important to maintain fairness in the game without making it too difficult for players who choose to play as a Barbarian.

According to an interview with game director Joe Shely on GamesRadar, players of Diablo IV can anticipate some enhancements to the Barbarian class in the early stages of the game. During the early access beta, players observed that the Barbarian character had difficulties in the initial levels of the game compared to other classes such as the Rogue and Sorcerer. However, the Barbarian becomes more potent at higher levels because they can equip more items and have access to more legendary powers. Shely stated that the game should not neglect the Barbarian class’s performance at lower levels, and that buffs would be implemented to balance the class. Specifically, Shely indicated that the Barbarian’s Hammer of the Ancients skill was underperforming and could benefit from a buff.

According to Shely, achieving a perfect balance between every class at every level is not feasible. However, Blizzard aims to broadly balance each class for early, mid, and late game stages. With this goal in mind, the development team plans to make some balance changes to the Barbarian class and specific Sorcerer lightning abilities before the release of Diablo IV on June 6th.

Diablo IV’s upcoming open beta will commence on March 24 and will include the Necromancer and Druid classes. The game’s early access beta, which was attended by over a million players, prompted lengthy queue times on the first day. Certain rewards earned during the beta can be carried over to the full game, and interested players can learn more by reading up on Diablo IV beta information. For players who want to maximize their beta experience, GameSpot offers Diablo IV guides.

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