Rubilia’s Tower of Fantasy Exhibition: Unveiling Her Talents and Optimal Strategies

Rubilia Tower of Fantasy

Get ready for an exciting event in Tower of Fantasy! Tomorrow, the next simulacrum is set to launch, and it’s all about showcasing Rubilia. This special event will explore everything about her, from her impressive abilities and control over the mysterious Grayspace Entities to her powerful weapon, the Lost Art.

In addition to her intriguing backstory revealed in the lore trailer, Rubilia’s combat prowess takes the spotlight in this showcase. Distinguishing herself from other simulacra, she wields the power to summon Crystamax thorns, which she expertly employs to unleash devastating bursts of damage upon her foes. With an imposing presence and the menacing thorns at her disposal, even her regular attacks allow her to strike up to five times, whether from the ground or while airborne.

Rubilia’s primary tool of choice is her Crystamax thorns, which play a crucial role in her gameplay. She summons these thorns when she activates her Discharge ability, granting her temporary invulnerability. She can have a maximum of five active thorns, initially summoning three and then utilizing Discharge once more to summon the remaining two, all within a time limit of 150 seconds. Mastering time control and swift movement will be essential for effectively utilizing her abilities. Additionally, by performing a Dodge maneuver, she generates a resource called Feedback. When triggered, this Feedback allows her thorns to recover health and deal even greater damage, compensating for the HP lost while using weapon skills.

Rubilia’s weapon skills offer a variety of useful abilities. For instance, she can swiftly dash multiple times, enabling her to gather enemies together for more efficient targeting. Each dash consumes XP from the thorns, enhancing the damage inflicted. However, with careful management, she can replenish some of the lost XP. The Feedback resource can be triggered at different levels, each with its own unique effects. At the initial one-star level, the thorns will continuously damage nearby enemies for a duration of 30 seconds. However, by patiently waiting until Rubilia reaches the maximum five-star level, all her thorns will recover 50% of their lost health.

Rubilia possesses two powerful movement abilities: a forward dash and an upward rush followed by a dive. These maneuvers allow for impressive strikes, but mastering her movement is crucial to effectively control her mobility and execute precise attacks.

Get ready for Rubilia’s arrival in Tower of Fantasy on June 3rd! To celebrate her debut, there will be a series of exciting events happening alongside her release. Don’t miss out on the action-packed festivities!


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